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Wellness Wednesdays: Betsy Grimm "Grounds" us to the Earth

Focus on Wellness by listening and practicing with Betsy Grimm, local yoga and meditation guide, friend, and advocate for self-care especially as it relates to mental health and our Earth.

For more about Betsy:

Yoga teacher, Betsy Grimm, has been enjoying bringing the healing of yoga to the most natural of places…the outdoors. There’s no better way to get grounded than by actually placing your feet on the earth and connecting to that nourishing energy. Or to feel your expanded nature by connecting to the vastness of the sky above. By practicing in nature, we can really feel our connection to the web of nature we’re a part of. So much of our unhappiness… whether it takes the form of restlessness, anxiety, dullness, depression, or overwhelm, stems from a lack of connection. The antidote is to awaken our connection to ourselves and the natural world.

Betsy draws from the transformative and prescriptive power of Kundalini practices and the potent work of Life Force Yoga. She’s increasingly drawn to pranayama practices that work quickly to shift your state and can lead you to deep states of relaxation and meditation. She’s trained with many masterful teachers, including Kia Miller and Amy Weintraub, and has added the practices of EFT (tapping), TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and yoga for grief to her toolbox.

Expect a range of techniques including asana, pranayama (breathwork), sound or mantra, and mudra (hand positions) and meditation. Prepare for a shift and new attunement to mind, body and spirit.

Betsy teaches outdoors on Sundays and Mondays. Email betsy@grimmsituation.comfor the most updated schedule. You can check out many of her favorite practices and quick tools to bring you back to center.

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