• Laura Derks

Preserving and Growing the Chicago area's Tree Canopy

This past weekend a group of community volunteers removed roughly 150 pounds of debris, glass, and other items from a "camping" space in Columbus Park, at the far western edge of Chicago. Partners Openlands Treekeepers, Oak Park Residence Corps and the Columbus Park Nature Sanctuary stewards worked together to clear out an area they hope will be a new sanctuary. Arborist and lead community steward for the Chicago Regional Trees Initiative, Trinity Pierce, pictured here, grew up in Oak Park and now resides in Lombard, so she can easily get to the Morton Arboretum and the many highways that help her travel to all seven counties of the Initiative.

According to Trinity she "thrives on leading and learning alongside volunteers in and around green spaces. She has designed and implemented restoration projects from the mountain west to the Midwest; from rural to urban the Chicago Region Trees Initiative Stewardship Coordinator, Trinity collaborates with communities to foster awareness of the importance and benefits of trees through hands-on outreach. This outreach in turn fosters action through tree plantings and ongoing tree maintenance in order to build a healthier, more diverse urban forest." Trinity holds a masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan and has a background in history, ecological restoration, and urban green space reconciliation.

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