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First: Dress Warmly with Layers Second: Snow Angel

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I love to snow angel--when is the last time you have? In Chicagoland we have many chances to snow angel, especially this year-snow conditions are perfect.

Many people ask me how do you stay warm in the snow, below freezing temperatures? Yesterday it snowed over a foot in three hours in 15 F! Here are some simple tips to leave your mark in a winter landscape. I layer, make sure my clothes fit closely around my body, and try to keep my feet and hands warm and dry since they are always the first to get cold.

Try to dress with layers underneath what your main clothing is. For example, I put leggings underneath my outdoor pants and a long sleeve shirt underneath my t-shirt. If you have these items: wool socks, hat, shirt, mittens, even better, but it isn't necessary. I shop thrift or repurpose stores for any items I have lost or do not have.

Once you are dressed and head outside, look for a patch of untouched snow. "Fall down" on your seat/butt, carefully lower the rest of your body into the snow and arch your arms towards your head and move your legs against the snow. The real trick is getting up without messing up your angel. Good luck, have so much fun, and share pictures of your snow angel with Flybird and where you or members of your family created them.

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