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A Leader in Nature-Based Fitness: Stephanie Roldan!

It didn't take long for Stephanie's parents to learn just how much their daughter loved to move. Whether it was the dance lessons she started at 3, the sports she fell in love with during middle & highschool or just plain old fishing & hiking in Wisconsin with her grandparents over her summers, it is no secret, Stephanie LOVES to move & groove. BUT!! It took a global pandemic to help Stephanie remember just how much awe and appreciation she had and still very much has for nature!

With degrees and a background in therapeutic recreation & child development, Stephanie worked in healthcare and hospitals like Lurie Children's in Chicago for over 15 years before deciding to transition her passion for working with children and families of all abilities into the wellness & fitness world. A mom of 2 ever-moving kiddos and wife to a fast moving husband, she started her own fitness biz, Blissful Owl, in 2014. Helping families bond & learn about ways to keep their own bodies moving & grooving is what makes Stephanie's heart smile. She has taught in over 20 preschools, Montessori schools & daycare centers but also truly loves giving busy adults an opportunity to take a little "me time" for their own body, mind & spirit. Offering classes for children, families & adults ages 0-104 (yes, she actually taught dance class for a 104 year old!), Stephanie loves seeing the twinkle in her students' eyes and smiles on their faces when they master a movement, developmental milestone or get stronger.

Little did she know that a historic and unprecedented chain of events would have her remembering and embracing her love of the outdoors so much that she would rebrand her entire business to what is now, back to nature fitness & adventures. Offering not only yoga but a growth-mindset running club for kids & teens as well as fitness for all humans big & small! Each of her outdoor classes embrace the benefits of being outside, in nature, and strive to provide opportunities for ALL to learn, grow & of course, move!! #justmove

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