The greater Chicago area offers countless places to explore: luminous lakeshores, open woodlands, majestic prairies and more. We go out in all weather and especially love bringing people outside during Chicago’s long winters.

How would your life change if you immersed yourself, your family, your students or your organization in nature on a regular basis? Flybird can equip you with the knowledge, encouragement and mentorship to make it work.   


Laura took me, my husband and two teen daughters on an easy, two-hour hike to a magical prairie in full bloom. We had been cooped up for months and it was like she opened a locked door in our spirit. Highly recommend!

Laurie C., Oak Park, Illinois



We can tailor a “discovery walk” or other experience that’s perfect for you and/or your group of up to 10 people.

  • Hire us for a school field trip or community center outing

  • Get your Moms group together for a monthly Mom’s Morning Out on weekends

  • Take your e-learning pod out weekly to get some physical activity

  • Gather your playgroup for fun, bi-weekly explorations

  • Have us take your department out for team building

Pandemic safety

We follow CDC and Illinois pandemic safety guidelines, including social distancing and masking when required. We bring hand sanitizer and wash any objects that might be handled in our bag of activities. We avoid very busy parks and preserves.

Get the Flybird Experience

These are two sample experiences. We can customize the Flybird Experience to your specific needs, interests and abilities.

Mini Adventure: Length: One hour.

  • Enjoy a guided experience in a local park or neighborhood in Chicago or nearby suburbs. 

  • Grasp a basic understanding of the nature around you

  • Enjoy one centering exercise to help you get to know one another

  • Play a game or activity that will get your body moving

  • Partake in one sensory activity that will attune you to the restorative power of nature

  • Move at a leisurely pace and take time for a snack break

Deep Exploration Length: Four hours over a period of time.

  • We’ll go on 2-3 guided experiences, including a visit to a Cook County Forest Preserve. Gain a deeper understanding of nature around you and experience the impact of prolonged time in nature

  • Explore unfamiliar, yet rewarding landscapes--prairie, woodland and/or wetland ecosystems within an hour’s drive. We’ll talk about trees, plants, birds, insects and more

  • Enjoy age-appropriate nature exploration activities and responsive art activity 

What to wear and bring

  • Sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots

  • Mask during COVID precaution times

  • Layers in seasonal weather—rain jacket, parka, gloves, hat

  • Reusable water bottle and snack

  • A sense of adventure!

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Oak Park, Illinois


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